Expertise you can trust

Jeffrey A. Oelrich, CIH


Mr Oelrich is an experienced professional routinely working with attorneys to provide expert opinions and strategic analysis in support of legal actions for both plaintiffs and defendants. The field experience of our experts provide an in-depth understanding of the physical conditions of the work environment and how the work environment is accurately evaluated for risk. Our application of the scientific method is the foundation to our evaluation process leading to the development of defensible opinions for our client's use.

Litigation Related Services:

    • Providing expert witness testimony for deposition and courtroom

    • Summarizing current state-of-knowledge and generating opinion reports

    • Providing education and guidance to litigators

    • Reviewing case information for completeness

    • Historical and documentation review

    • Compliance evaluation

    • Risk assessment

    • Support for Settlement Negotiations and Litigation Avoidance

    • Industrial Hygiene - indoor air quality; sound and noise level monitoring; airborne exposures to particles and vapors,

What makes EHSolution unique?

EHSolutions has over 20 years of direct, practical experience consulting with private, government, and business clients. This direct practical experience allows EHSolutions to bring their real world experience to legal issues. We routinely works with attorneys to provide environmental solutions, expert opinions, and strategic analysis. We are accustomed to the intense pressures, close scrutiny, and inflexible deadlines of litigation. Our academic credentials, experience, and professional certifications help establish immediate credibility, while our experience providing opinions and testimony help our clients present the strongest possible arguments for their position.